Excursion tour “South Wind” Iran-Azerbaijan 9 days / 8 nights.

Day 1

Arrival at the airport Imam Khomeini

Transfer airport - hotel. Accommodation in the hotel Marlik Hotel. Group gathering. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2

Breakfast in the hotel.

Moving to Cachan

Check-in at the Eshen House Hotel

City tour: Main facilities: Shah-fin Garden, Tabatabiha house, Broojerdiha house, house, Ameri, Sultan-Mir-Ahmad Hammam, Aga-Bozorg mosque, Sialk hill

Free time. Night at the Eshen House Hotel

Day 3

08:00 - Breakfast in the hotel

09:00 - Transfer to Isfahan

Excursion around the city: Nahshe Jahan Square, Royal Mosque, The Sheikh Lutfulla Mosque, Aliy-Gapu Palace, Chehel Sotun Palace,

Hasht-Behestt Palace

A trip to the historical bridges of Isfahan

Moving Isfahan - Tehran.

Arrival in Tehran

Check-in at the Marlik Hotel

Day 4

08:00 - Breakfast in the hotel

09:00 - Check-out from the hotel

City tour: Golestan Palace, Saadabad Palace, Niavaran Palace

Moving Tehran - Rasht. Arrival in Rasht

Check-in at the Hotel Rasht

Day 5

08:00 - Breakfast in the hotel

09:00 - Check-out from the hotel

Departure to Lahijjan

Brief excursion around the city: Unlike other most famous provinces of Iran, Gilan does not have a lot of architectural and historical monuments, but it is famous, first of all, for its phenomenal natural beauties and sights. One of the most picturesque places in the region is the city of Lahijjan with its so-called Green Roof (Bam-e Sabzi). It can be climbed on a fast modern cable car. Among the shady thickets of the hill, not only residents of Lahijjan, but also other regions of Iran like to spend their leisure time. From there, wonderful views of the surrounding rice fields, the cozy lake and the steep green slopes covered with tea plantations open up. Lahijjan is one of the most beautiful cities not only of Gilan, but of all of Iran. A number of researchers believe that its name means "Silk City". It is located at the foot of the high mountain, west of the town of Lengerud on the road leading to Rasht. This city can be called the capital of Iranian tea. In Lahijjan you can see the Chahar-Padishah mosque and the mausoleum of Sheikh Zahed Gilani, the famous lake Lahijjan.

Departure to Astara

Arrival to the Astara border 14:00

Transfer to the "Hyrcanian National Park"

Arrival to the "Hyrcanian National Park"

Of the 435 species of trees and shrubs common in Azerbaijan, 150 are in the Hyrcan forests, including those listed in the Red Book of Azerbaijan.

Departure to Lerik

Arrival to Lerik

Accommodation in the Relax Hotel and Resort. In the recreation center you will get an opportunity to enjoy national cuisine during dinner.

Free time, overnight at the Relax Hotel and Resort.

Day 6

08:00 – Breakfast in hotel

09:00 – Departure from hotel

Excursion to the Museum of the Long-Livers

After breakfast we offer a tour to the famous edge of the long-livers. To get acquainted with the village life and its people. You will have the opportunity to see and talk with a 135-year-old man. A resident of this region, Shirali Muslimov, has survived for 168 years, and there are more than 50 people living in the region who have crossed the age-old boundary.

Departure to Yardimli

Arrival to Yardimli

Visit the waterfall Takdam, walk around the area.

The waterfall is located on the Masalli-Yardimli road. The waterfall is 34 meters high is a visiting card of Yardimli. In order to climb up, steps are cut in the rock.

Departure to Masalli

Arrival in Masalli to the lake Vilash

Masalli region, located in the south of Azerbaijan in 240 km from the capital, is known for its subtropical climate, azure beaches on the Caspian coast and an abundance of hot springs, the most famous of which is Istisu.

A trip to the sanatorium Istisu. Thermal mineral spring Istisu "hot water" has long been a favorite place for people suffering from rheumatism and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system and skin diseases. Part of the water from the thermal spring flows into a small river flowing here, which allows holidaymakers to take a kind of contrast baths. In the river, there are unusual fish, flocks of which swim to the bathers and feel the skin, which helps get rid of dermatological diseases.

Departure to Baku

Arrival to Baku

Accommodation in hotel

Day 7

Breakfast in the hotel.

10:00 a.m. Sightseeing tour:

How cool it is to find yourself in Baku, the city of secrets, mysteries, contrasts and centuries-old history. Here every guest will be able to find something for his soul. Someone will feel a little European, because the view of Baku Bay is so similar to the Naples Riviera, and Baku Venice immerse you in the Italian romance, here also lived and created Alexander Dumas, and Marco Polo wrote about these amazing places 750 years ago. And someone can feel the real spirit of the East, with numerous mosques, caravan-sheds, palaces, narrow streets carrying away into the secrets of the old city and of course with colorful bazaars with a riot of colors from spices and fruits ... All this is Baku, the city remaining in the heart of every guest forever ...

The sightseeing tour begins with a visit to the Nagorny Park. From here, from a bird's-eye view, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the whole city. There is a complex that combines a memorial part, a viewing platform and a magnificent park, and it is from here that the best view of the "Flame Tower", one of the symbols of Baku, opens. Then the guests will walk along Baku Boulevard, where they will see the National Flag Square of the Republic, the National Carpet Museum, the Mugham Museum and enjoy the view of the Caspian Sea. It is not by chance that this is the favorite place for walks of the people of Baku..

In the second, pedestrian part of the excursion, we have to learn all the secrets of the "Old City" or Icheri Sheher and visit many interesting places such as:

-The Shirvanshahs Palace is the former residence of the rulers of Shirvan, located in Azerbaijan. The building of the palace is located on the top of the Baku hill, in the oldest part of the city, called the "fortress". Currently, ancient city walls surround it.

- Workshop of artist Ali Shamsi Approaching the artist's studio, the first thing you notice is a tree with piercing blue eyes, then you see random passers-by who look with interest at the facade of the building and take photographs for memory. The artist welcomes everyone in a friendly manner, invites to enter the workshop, allows take photographs, compliments the beautiful girls and gives everyone his own solar energy. Azerbaijani artist Ali Shamsi has been working on Small Fortress Street for more than 30 years and is smiling at everyone who, being interested in the facade, decides to go inside the workshop.

- Museum of Miniature Books The museum contains miniature books published both in pre-revolutionary Russia and in Soviet times. In addition, the exposition of the museum has books published in Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, from the republics of Central Asia, as well as Europe. Hospitable mistress of this museum, with pleasure will tell you about her collection and show unique specimens.

- Maiden's Tower The most majestic and most mysterious monument of Baku Maiden's Tower, or Giz Galasy, rises in the south-eastern part of the Old City and been considered a symbol of the city. This unique construction of Azerbaijani architecture has no analogues in the East. The Maiden Tower was erected on a ledge of the coastal rock and represents a cylinder 28 m high and 16.5 m in diameter, lined with local gray limestone. The walls at the base are 5 m thick and 4 m above at the top. Inside the tower divided into 8 tiers, between, which was a screw stone staircase, paved in the thickness of the wall. In the rock inside the tower penetrated by a depth of 21 m. An unapproachable stone beauty keeps many secrets. One of them - for what, after all, it was erected.

On the territory of the "Old Town", also concentrated dozens of historical and architectural monuments: the Caravanserai, hamams, mosques and much more. It was here that the episodes of such famous Soviet films as "The Diamond Arm", "Amphibian Man", "Aibolit-66", "Teheran 43" were shot.

Back to the hotel. Free time. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 8

10:00 – Breakfast in the hotel

11:00 – Departure for an excursion to the center of H.Aliyev

The Heydar Aliyev center is a cultural center, which is a complex building, which includes an auditorium (congress center), a museum, exhibition halls, administrative offices. The famous architect Zaha Hadid designed the project of the center.

Back to the hotel. Free time. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 9

Breakfast in the hotel

Check out from hotel at 12:00. Late checkout possible for additional payment

(In the case of late departure suitcases can be left in the hotel)

Recommended places to visit:

Yashil Bazar (Green Bazaar) spices, vegetables, fruits, foods, delicacies, souvenirs.

Visiting shopping centers (Park Bulvar, 28 of May, Ganjlik Mall) and cinemas, cafes, restaurants at the same place.

Square fountains of Nizami Street (cafes, restaurants, shops, souvenir shops).

The Old Town – Icheri Sheher (cafes, restaurants, museums, squares).

Transfer to the Heydar Aliyev International Airport.

The price is including:

Transfer (airport-hotel-airport)

Accommodation in the hotel of the chosen category

Accommodation package is bed and breakfast

Comfortable transport during excursions

Services of a professional, Russian-speaking guide

Entry tickets