Baku in Italian style 5 days/4 nights amazing weekend tour

Did you know that Azerbaijan and Italy have something in common? Baku Bay is compared to a cove in Naples? In Baku, as well as in Venice, is "Little Venice"? In addition, that even 750 years ago the famous Italian traveler Marco Polo described in his notes Absheron peninsula and famous oil fields. Then you definitely need to visit Baku!

Day 1.

Arrival in Baku (Heydar Aliyev International Airport)

Transfer airport – hotel. Check-in at the hotel. Free time

Day 2.

Breakfast in the hotel.

10:00 a.m.Sightseeing tour

The tour of the city begins with a visit to the Nagorny Park, Mountain Park. It is located on a hill in the western part of the city. This is the best place to enjoy panoramic views of the city, as well as the famous complex«Flame Towers». It is no coincidence that from here the view of the city to all tourists

Reminds the view of the bay in Naples. Yachts, embankment, low buildings.Further tourists expected to be acquainted with Baku Boulevard:The area of the national flag of the republic, the famous Crystal Hall, The center of Mugam and the Carpet Museum. (Visual inspection)

Then, guests will be able to fully feel themselves in Venice by visiting "Baku Venice and riding on a modern gun dole".

"Italian beauty" appeared in the capital in 1960 thanks to the efforts of the then head of the city, Alisha Lemberanskiy, known for his honorable merits in the ennobling of the capital. In the 50's, Lemberano had occasion to visit Venice, he admired by the city on the water. From the trip, he returned full of determination to embody the bold project to create "Lesser Venice" in Baku. The place was determined at once - the boulevard, but the consideration of the project took some time. It was not easy to build a sample of a European town in Baku during the Soviet era. However, after a few years, the construction began, and soon the Baku Boulevard became the first and only park in the former Soviet Union with such a remarkable water feature. The banks of Venice, where small cafes and parks opened, filled with satisfied residents, along the blue waves of canals the pleasure gondolas floated. In the evenings, the area romantically illuminated, creating an atmosphere of coziness and a fairy tale. Baku people like to come here on not only dates, but also families, to walk along touching bridges, to sit in a teahouse or to taste lula-kebab in a restaurant among canals and lush vegetation

In the second, pedestrian part of the excursion, we have to learn all the secrets of the "Old City" or Icheri Sheher and visit many interesting places such as:

In the second, pedestrian part of the excursion, we have to learn all the secrets of the "Old City" orIcheri Sheher and visit many interesting places such as:

-The Shirvanshahs Palace is the former residence of the rulers of Shirvan, located in Azerbaijan. The building of the palace is located on the top of the Baku hill, in the oldest part of the city, called the "fortress". Currently, ancient city walls surround it.

- Workshop of artist Ali Shamsi Approaching the artist's studio, the first thing you notice is a tree with piercing blue eyes, then you see random passers-by who look with interest at the facade of the building and take photographs for memory. The artist welcomes everyone in a friendly manner, invites to enter the workshop, allows take photographs, compliments the beautiful girls and gives everyone his own solar energy. Azerbaijani artist Ali Shamsi has been working on Small Fortress Street for more than 30 years and is smiling at everyone who, being interested in the facade, decides to go inside the workshop.

- Museum of Miniature Books The museum contains miniature books published both in pre-revolutionary Russia and in Soviet times. In addition, the exposition of the museum has books published in Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, from the republics of Central Asia, as well as Europe. Hospitable mistress of this museum, with pleasure will tell you about her collection and show unique specimens.

- Maiden's Tower The most majestic and most mysterious monument of Baku Maiden's Tower, or Giz Galasy, rises in the south-eastern part of the Old City and been considered a symbol of the city. This unique construction of Azerbaijani architecture has no analogues in the East. The Maiden Tower was erected on a ledge of the coastal rock and represents a cylinder 28 m high and 16.5 m in diameter, lined with local gray limestone. The walls at the base are 5 m thick and 4 m above at the top. Inside the tower divided into 8 tiers, between, which was a screw stone staircase, paved in the thickness of the wall. In the rock inside the tower penetrated by a depth of 21 m. An unapproachable stone beauty keeps many secrets. One of them - for what, after all, it was erected.

On the territory of the "Old Town", also concentrated dozens of historical and architectural monuments: the Caravanserai, hamams, mosques and much more. It was here that the episodes of such famous Soviet films as "The Diamond Arm", "Amphibian Man", "Aibolit-66", "Teheran 43" were shot.

Back to the hotel. Free time. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 3.

09:00 Breakfast in the hotel.

Any connoisseur of contemporary art, exhibitions and exposition, will appreciate the museum's wealth of Baku. Guests will visit the "Museum of Modern Art" and the HeydarAliyevcenter. The Museum of Modern Art opened in Baku in 2009, and initiated it the first lady of the country Mehriban Aliyeva became the creator. One of the main principles museum – freedom and the absence of rigidly defined frames in the expositions. He also emphasizes the architecture of the building: the absence of corners, open passages, different angles of inclination of walls. All this brings to mind a constant movement: at least, the author of the architectural project, creator of expositions and curator of the collection, Azerbaijani artist Altai Sadykh-zade. Even the two floors of the structure seem to be a whole space bound by the "Forgotten Ladder" which can also be called an art object.

The free and open concept of the museum allows its visitors to get acquainted with the most diverse and unusual works. These are innovative works of Azerbaijani artists of the 1960s-1970s. and with them - pictures of great contemporary artists such as Picasso, Dali, Chagall. Then the guests will visit the center named after Heydar Aliyev.

The Heydar Aliyev Center is a modern cultural center. In the structure of this center, which is the pearl of the world architecture, the architectural coloring of Baku was accurately taken into account. The architect of this center is the world-famous British architect Zaha Hadid. In this center, there is a large number of museums.

Back to the hotel. Free time. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 4.

Breakfast in the hotel, free time

Recommended places to visit:

Yashil Bazar (Green Bazaar) spices, vegetables, fruits, foods, delicacies, souvenirs.

Visiting shopping centers (Park Bulvar, 28 of May, Ganjlik Mall) and cinemas, cafes, restaurants at the same place.

Square fountains of Nizami Street (cafes, restaurants, shops, souvenir shops).

The Old Town – IcheriSheher (cafes, restaurants, museums, squares).

Day 5.

Breakfast in the hotel.

Check out from hotel at 12:00. Late checkout is possible for extra charge.

(In the case of late departure, suitcases can be left in the hotel).

Transfer to the International Airport Heydar Aliyev.

The price are including:

Transfer (airport-hotel-airport)

Accommodation in the hotel of the chosen category

Accommodation package is bed and breakfast

Comfortable transport during excursions

Services of a professional, Russian-speaking guide

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