Sheki Khan Palace tour

This interesting cultural and educational tour passes through the territory of the north-western part of Azerbaijan. Countries with ancient culture and rich history, where the sunlight is bright and dazzling, where the water is life itself, and where hospitable and kind people live.

Travel time to Khinalig

Khinalig is a small mountain settlement, one of the oldest in the world. Its age is more than 5 thousand years. This is the tallest and most isolated settlement in the mountains of the Greater Caucasus, which is located on the border with Dagestan, 63 km from Guba.

Gobustan tour

The reserve is widely known for its well-preserved rock paintings - petroglyphs, a kind of artistic “archive” of human evolution on planet Earth. Documents of such archives - the first broadcast of the human "I" to the world. The rocks of Gobustan are not only the brightest witnesses of the prehistoric period of human existence.

History of Baku oil

The tour will acquaint guests of our capital with the life of Baku during the first oil boom, famous personalities who took part in the development of oil wells.


In the Old City, which has preserved the walls and narrow cobbled streets to this day ... It was here that episodes of such famous Soviet films as The Diamond Arm, Amphibian Man, Aibolit 66, and Tehran 43 were shot.

Dagustu Park-İcharishahar

The history of the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, goes back to deep antiquity, although the exact date of its occurrence is still unknown. The territory of the Absheron Peninsula, on which the city is located, has an advantageous geographical position, a convenient bay, a warm, dry climate, fertile soil, and natural resources, so the emergence of ancient settlements here was quite natural.