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Baku is getting younger every day

Baku is one of the ancient cities of the world. Our capital is also known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Baku combines antiquity with modernity. Buildings that reflect the history of Eastern and European architecture on the one hand, and modern world architecture on the other, bring beauty to the capital. Therefore, foreign tourists coming to our country want to come again.


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The main countries where Azerbaijani tourists will celebrate the New Year have been announced


"Although there is a revival in the tourism sector of Azerbaijan this ye...

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Unvaccinated foreigners will be barred from entering the United States


From January 22, 2022, all visitors to the United States will be required to ...

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The Azerbaijani government expects a 48% growth in the tourism sector next year


"One of the biggest problems in the field of tourism today is the introd...