Flights during pregnancy: AZAL and Buta Airways rules

Flights during pregnancy: AZAL and Buta Airways rules

909      08.06.2022

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How can pregnant women prepare for the flight and ensure a comfortable flight? AviaTravel has prepared answers to topical questions. We have prepared for our readers some tips for expectant mothers who want to go on a business trip or travel by plane.

How long are pregnant women allowed to travel by plane?

First of all, women preparing to become mothers determine the expediency of air travel, taking into account their condition, as well as the possible danger to their health and the health of the unborn child. In addition, when buying a ticket or booking a seat, you need to reconsider the rules of the airline.

It should be noted that the carrier is not responsible for the deterioration of the health of a pregnant passenger or other undesirable consequences during or after the flight.

According to the rules of Azerbaijan's AZAL and Buta Airways, transportation is not allowed:

- pregnant women with a gestational age of more than 32 weeks;

- Women under 7 days after birth.

Pregnant women are allowed to fly under the following conditions:

- If the pregnancy is up to 26 weeks, the transportation of a pregnant passenger is carried out on the condition of filling out a declaration (guarantee obligation). This document confirms that the expectant mother is aware of all risks associated with the flight and that the airline is not responsible for any in-flight or possible adverse risks.

If the passenger has a doctor's certificate of health and pregnancy, the document is not required.

- If the passenger is between 26 and 32 weeks pregnant, you must also fill out and sign the airline's exemption statement. In addition, the pregnant woman must provide a certificate from the doctor about the duration of pregnancy and the absence of contraindications. The certificate is issued at the medical institution and confirmed by the doctor's signature.

The certificate must contain the following information:

* about the duration of pregnancy;

* about the exact number of fetuses;

* about the uncomplicated course of pregnancy;

* confirmation from the gynecologist that the flight will not harm the passenger and his unborn child.

How can you make the flight more comfortable for yourself and your unborn baby?

When planning a trip, doctors advise expectant mothers to take into account their health status and the duration of pregnancy. According to medical practice, the best time to fly and travel for pregnant women in the absence of contraindications and in good health is the period of pregnancy from 13-14 weeks to 27-28 weeks. And it is advisable to choose a flight on a simple route without transit (combining flights is not recommended).

Travel tips for pregnant passengers:

- Arrive long before check-in to board the flight without rushing;

- Choose business class for long flights;

- get up regularly and walk around the cabin, especially during long-haul flights;

- Choose seats in the hallway or with more foot space, for example, in the front row (pregnant women are not provided with emergency exit seats),

- to travel accompanied by a traveling companion with contact information of the doctor of the pregnant passenger.

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